Tullio Gianella is an America-Peruvian artist that presents his art through surrealism by possessing a unique expression. His works search for realistic aspects of the human being. His images, his visions and his style are very much influenced by his creative liberty. Its originality and uniqueness is stimulated in his creative and investigative activity.

In his own words: "My characters sometimes emerge from the most intimate shadows where they are embedded. With my works I allow myself to my thoughts, fantasies, fears, remembrances and frustrations; being sometimes small every-day moments instead of permanent situations where I co-exist with an environmental community".



Title: Untitled Painting

Description: Oil on Canvas

Tullio Gianella has also been featured in numerous publications in addition to his paintings. You can view more of his paintings by visiting his Gallery. Close up of his publications can also be viewed by clicking on the thumb nail versions of the images.

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